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Obioma – Itinerant Tailor

The Itinerant or Mobile Tailors are a familiar sight in many parts of Lagos until lately. Popularly referred to as ‘Obioma’, which literally means ‘Good heart’ in Igbo language, the mobile tailoring business gained prominence shortly after the Nigerian Civil War in 1970. It was dominated by the Igbo tribe. …

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Consolidating Career with Communication

Hello, I’m Tayo Faloye, a Business Communication Strategist and I have an interesting book on Career & Communication to introduce to you all. Before I go further, let me first set the record straight. I’m not a Human Resources Executive and the idea of writing this book is not from …

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Movie Review: JAGUN JAGUN

Having read some uninspiring reviews of Jagun Jagun, I went ahead watching it with a mindset of searching for the said flaws. But none could I find. It was a time well spent relishing it. Can’t fathom the rationale behind the low rating from some quarters, infinitesimal though. Is the …

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