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THINGS FALL APART: Chinua Achebe vs 50Cent

Did you know that in 2011 Chinua Achebe forced 50 Cent to rename his new movie? The Rapper, 50 cent had titled his then forthcoming movie: “Things Fall Apart”. He was contacted by Achebe’s legal team that he couldn’t use the title. 50 Cent went ahead to offer Achebe $1 …

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Did you know in 2006, these two Coca-Cola employees tried to sell the secret formula of a new, yet-to-be-released Coca-Cola drink to Pepsi? They ended up in prison! As high-ranking employees of Coca-Cola, Joya Williams, and Ibrahim Dimson had access to all the documents that detailed how to prepare the …

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Preventing Sickle Cell Pain Build-Up

Woke up to some cracklings and discomforting frictions in my hips and thighs. I could feel a crisis trying to rear its ugly head. The experience isn’t new. It’s been raining for days. Today’s is a bit intensified. Change in weather is one of the triggers for Sickle Cell Crisis. …

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The dust from the Bianca slap episode is yet to settle, we are again being regaled with another slap saga involving Will Smith & Chris Rock. You know these stories, so I’m not here to repeat them. They just remind me of the resounding slap i once got on a …

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Profligacy or Frugality? Choose one

Written By: Tayo Faloye. Anyone can choose to show off acquisitions or spend his/her money the way it pleases them. As long as they have not been fingered in anything illicit or criminal, preferred lifestyle is an individual choice. Nobody deserves to be dehumanized for flamboyantly expressing themselves and their …

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The Parvovirus Saga! – written: Tayo Faloye I was raving when our dog caught the killer Parvo disease. How could it have happened when she had started getting her vaccines and received two shots already? The third shot was a bit delayed due to a sudden scarcity at the period, …

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