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Shortfall of Silence Amidst Falsehoods

– By Tayo Faloye. Written: April 19, 2020. He blocked me on Facebook after we had a spat. He had called me a liar amidst a barrage of attacks over a post I made and he got hit below the belt in return. He scampered away. It was during PMB’s …

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Magun (Thunderbolt): Fact or Fiction?

– By Tayo Faloye. This small family lived in the rear of a duplex known as the Boys Quarters, which was three houses away from ours on the street (close) in the 80’s. Husband and wife had come visiting our mother early one morning to narrate what they both saw …

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(The Adventures of a Warrior) By Tayo Faloye, June 20, 2021 So, I hesitantly attended a funeral party hosted by a neighbour bidding his father his last respect and farewell. I was dead tired from the Sickle Cell day outings when I got home but still managed to refreshen, had …

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Opportunities Abound Around

By Tayo Faloye. A young, dark, rotund dude sauntered into my office awhile back. He wanted some Business Communication & Registration Services for his handiwork. He reeked of confidence and didn’t haggle over price as I explained the processes and fees to him. Then I told him he didn’t seem …

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JAPA! No be Today.

(The Adventures of a Warrior) By- Tayo Faloye. It became as dark as Coca Cola before the alarm bell rang. Prior, I had noticed my urine was starting to get slightly coloured, no matter the amount of fluid or water consumed, but I remained unperturbed and continued with my restiveness …

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THINGS FALL APART: Chinua Achebe vs 50Cent

Did you know that in 2011 Chinua Achebe forced 50 Cent to rename his new movie? The Rapper, 50 cent had titled his then forthcoming movie: “Things Fall Apart”. He was contacted by Achebe’s legal team that he couldn’t use the title. 50 Cent went ahead to offer Achebe $1 …

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