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Based on the personal experience of one the Trustees of this humanitarian organization  as a Sickle Cell Victim who also suffers from a disability as an offshoot of the delabitating effects of the disorder, the vision to birth DISCON was conceived. Over the years, having realised the untold sufferings associated with SCD and how it causes disabilities which affect the quality of life of its victims, and having lost close friends to the disorder, the resolve was reached to support the cause by raising awareness to the scourge and bringing succor to victims, in conjunction with other well meaning persons and organizations.

Advocate and give a helping hand to Sickle Cell and Disability Victims in Nigeria and beyond.

Advocacy. Awareness. Alleviation. Simply put: Mission A A A.


  1. To advocate on behalf of people with disability and sickle cell and promote inclusive living and equality of opportunity in society.
  1. To provide succor for Sickle Cell victims by mobilizing and coordinating financial support for the treatment of the disorder and disabilities that may have arisen from it.
  1. To create awareness, develop programs, campaigns, workshops, lectures to educate the public on sickle cell disorder, it causes and effects, both in urban and rural areas, using local dialects where necessary.
  1. To liaise with healthcare organizations, public enterprises, private companies, individuals, etc at working to curtail the breeding cycle and ensure a reduction in the number of babies born with Sickle cell through free or pocket friendly pre-natal DNA diagnosis, genotype test, and other necessary medical interventions.
  1. To build a bank of drugs and medications for sickle cell anemia treatment and distribute/disburse them periodically to sufferers in collaboration with a medical practitioner/ healthcare establishment for the management and control of sickle cell crisis…

DISABILITY AND SICKLE CELL ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA is duly registered in 2018 with the Corporate Affairs Commission under the Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, No. 1 of !990.

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