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– by Tayo Faloye

One of the perils of entrepreneurship is that we now live in a world of instant gratification – fast foods, instant noodles, speed life, MMM & Co investments, sex for money, quick promotion, etc – which makes it a tall order resisting the allure of immediate rewards for bigger ones that come later in a business process.

As entrepreneurs, we must be constantly mindful that most things that come so easy are most times insignificant and ruinous with a short life cycle. And most things that are enduring are not always so easy.

The Bamboo comes to mind as an instance. It has an amazing growth process. It begins its first several years growing its roots with no sign of life or single leaf sprouting out of the ground. Then, after building a solid root base (foundation), it finally breaks the surface and shoots up from the soil at a rapid growth rate. And grows up to 80 feet high in a few months, stoically built to withstand the storms. This is what separates it from some of its contemporary high growing plants without a firm root system. They break and fall at the slightest upheaval.

This analogy encapsulates the essence of delayed gratification in entrepreneurship.

Don’t go at things in a jiffy with the mindset of quick returns. Building a solid foundation with the right mix of vision, discipline, consistency, diligence, attention to details, proactivity and integrity will help you go the long haul.

Don’t be a hasty hustler concerned about what people think and out to impress by cutting corners and wanting the big hit instantly. Fast life and entrepreneurship don’t mix. It’s the fastest path to failure.

Being strategic is overlooking what you want now while painstakingly building your business for what you want most – success. Slow and steady molds a profitable and sustainable business.

“Patience is a virtue.”

– Grandscope Media

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