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Profligacy or Frugality? Choose one

Written By: Tayo Faloye. Anyone can choose to show off acquisitions or spend his/her money the way it pleases them. As long as they have not been fingered in anything illicit or criminal, preferred lifestyle is an individual choice. Nobody deserves to be dehumanized for flamboyantly expressing themselves and their …

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SCAP: World Sickle Cell Day, 2021

The SCAP (Sickle Cell Awareness Project) by DISCON (Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria) held as planned yesterday, 19th June, at it office in Festac Town, Lagos State, to commemorate World Sickle Cell Day. In attendance were some shortlisted Warriors to receive their handout packs consisting of Routine Drugs, …

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Sickle Cell Awareness Prizes & Gifts

In commemoration of World Sickle Cell Day, 2021, DISCON (Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria) will be giving out Free Routine Drugs, Branded Awareness T-shirts and Books by Dr. David Owoeye (A Life with Sickle Cell Anaemia) in drawing the curtains on the maiden edition of our programme, SCAP …

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