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I was one of those that upheld the Ekiti Chef’s right to aspire, but found the timing a bit preposterous in her bid to give Hilda Baci a run for her Cook-a-thon feat when Hilda was yet to be certified by the Guinness World Record.

Looking at it more closely as a Marketing person, I see a lady alongside her church collaborators who unconsciously employed the AMBUSH MARKETING to their advantage. A calculated predatory move it was.

Ambush marketing is a strategy adopted by brands, organizations or marketers to ambush a competitor’s marketing efforts in order to gain exposure by stealing some spotlight. It involves associating products or services with a big event that may already have an official sponsor(s) without having any contract, commitment or stake in the event.

Would Dammy have been able to achieve same result she accomplished without playing the leech while Hilda is hot and the rave of the moment? Or, would she have attracted this much attention if she had waited for the Hilda Cook-a-thon euphoria to cool off before making a move? Absolutely NO! The timing for what she schemed to achieve was on point. Hilda’s feat broke the internet. She perfectly capitalized on it.

According to the GWR rep, “Hilda’s cook-a-thon was in fact so popular that our website crashed for two days due to the immense volume of traffic we received from her legion of loyal fans.”

Though at the onset, Dammy made it seem she was on a head-on collision with Hilda, it later got revealed she was never gunning to challenge Hilda’s record nor did she apply to the GWR but only lapped on the buzz for a slice of awareness. And, didn’t she get it? The spites from those who saw her as a killjoy and supports she got from her fans all contributed in n making her cooking fest gain the much needed visibility. Isn’t she smart?

So, as unethical as Ambush Marketing is perceived, it can be used strategically to boost a marketing campaign if implemented correctly.

This is a small marketing lesson from a local Ekiti girl. Abeg, a round of applause for Dammy, the Chef, jare!!!

– Tayo Faloye

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