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Digital Marketing with Google & Facebook Ads

CLICK TO JOIN Learn Digital Marketing for maximal sales and business scaleup, with Facebook Advertising as a case study. Furthermore, you will be taught how to list businesses on Google for visibility and customers patronage. This is a high value capacity building training you mustn’t miss. It’s a specially packaged …

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Why I Regretted Getting Married

– Author: Anonymous Mine was an arranged marriage. Before marriage I spoke to her only a couple of times, because our marriage date was 3 months after we met formally and also we both were busy with work and preparation for the big day. On our big night, it was …

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What’s in it for Hilda, the Cook-a-athon Queen?

For those asking what’s in it for Hilda Baci for putting in 100 hours cooking time to shatter an old record since Guinness world record is devoid of monetary prizes? Let me quickly explain this in the simplest and shortest way. Aside receiving the official complimentary Guinness record holder certificate …

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