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By: Tayo Faloye Getting into this topic is like stepping into a field laden with land mines. It’s a volatile arena but has become inevitable. The more I sidestepped the more it surfaced. Hence, I will un-tape my sealed lips to drop my neutral view on it without minding whose …

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Shortfall of Silence Amidst Falsehoods

– By Tayo Faloye. Written: April 19, 2020. He blocked me on Facebook after we had a spat. He had called me a liar amidst a barrage of attacks over a post I made and he got hit below the belt in return. He scampered away. It was during PMB’s …

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Magun (Thunderbolt): Fact or Fiction?

– By Tayo Faloye. This small family lived in the rear of a duplex known as the Boys Quarters, which was three houses away from ours on the street (close) in the 80’s. Husband and wife had come visiting our mother early one morning to narrate what they both saw …

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