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Learn Marketing (Digital & Conventional)

By Tayo Faloye.

Sometime late last year, 2022, a hood brother did a post which resonated with me. It was about skill acquisition and I went there to drop a comment. Another buddy, who formerly lived in the hood, replied to my comment affirming what i had written and attested to results his wife had gotten from an advert i ran for her years ago on our publication at Grandscope. I was surprised and lost. Sequel, I slid inbox to ask him for clarification as I couldn’t recollect the events.

See the attached thumbnails for our engagements.This is just one of the many customers satisfaction testimonials and accomplishments while I ‘ran on the streets’ as a Publisher of a Magazine (National) and a bimonthly Newsprint (Local) before social media came to hold sway. They both came with their own daunting challenges respectively anyway like most businesses, the latter being the focal point of this post.

According to Tim Williams:
“Clients don’t care about the labor pains; they want to see the baby.”

I didn’t disappoint in that regard by filling the void as the ‘obstetrician’ to ensure ‘safe deliveries’ amid a dearth of marketers within our ranks at #GrandscopeMedia. It’s a field many shunned in the past in realtime. Everyone wanted an office job but avoided marketing/sales like a plague. All our vacancy adverts for marketing positions returned blank, which was the main area that needed reinforcement. Nevertheless, I was defying odds, breaking barriers and excelling doing same almost solo, even with a hidden disability. Imagine what more hands would have achieved?

Beyond marketing, my workload was enormous. It was a young publication then. Overhead considerations were rife, hence I took up multiple duties – interviews, content writing, news gathering, journal design (graphic works), production coordination and distribution. The efforts yielded through impressive patronages. Event coverage and Advert placement fees for print vary depending on Ad copy size, page positioning, colour, artwork and other variables. I eventually rested the publication and bowed out gracefully years later following emerging internet disruptions couple with health issues from excessive stress, which my peculiar genetic makeup frowns at.Having said that, it beats me why a good number of business owners leave their businesses to chance when they can be deliberate with Marketing. It is no rocket science. Who survives without a heartbeat? That’s the importance of marketing to businesses. With a professional in charge, it’s as easy as peeling a boiled egg. If you must succeed as what you do, it’s time to embrace marketing.

I’m a click away for consultations for your marketing needs, Digital or Traditional.

I will also be giving affordable Digital Marketing tutorials online while physical training continues to hold at our centre.

– Tayo Faloye.

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