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Business owners must know that communication plays a key part in your company’s success. There are four main types of business communications. They are INTERNAL (upward). INTERNAL (downward). INTERNAL (lateral). and EXTERNAL. INTERNAL (Upward) Communication : This type of business communication is anything that comes from a subordinate to a …

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Communication is the transmission of message from a sender to a receiver. Explicit and Implicit are the two types of communication. Explicit communication is the use of language to establish common understanding among people while implicit communication is based on ambiguity – gesture, vocal tone, facial expression, body language and …

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AOA GARDENS is situated at Agbowa, Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State. It’s also in close proximity off the Itokin Road. Access is also possible to the site through the Lagos Lagoon from Ijede in Ikorodu, Badore. It is just less than 5 minutes from Lagos State Water Corporation …

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