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Trainee Receives Certificate After ASUU Strike

Preparatory to returning back to the campus after ASUU called of its strike, she came to the centre at GRANDSCOPE to pick up her course certificate. Owning a laptop she couldn’t bring home following the strike, she’s excited about resuming school to put the acquired knowledge to practice and earn …

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JAPA! No be Today.

(The Adventures of a Warrior) By- Tayo Faloye. It became as dark as Coca Cola before the alarm bell rang. Prior, I had noticed my urine was starting to get slightly coloured, no matter the amount of fluid or water consumed, but I remained unperturbed and continued with my restiveness …

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Epe is fast becoming the darling of real estate investors. The speed of development going on in this city known for its hospitality and aquatic splendour, can only be imagined. The rate of property appreciation here has become the magnet that has been drawing smart investors to this axis. As …

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