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INTUITION: 5 Steps To Harness And Profit From Your Gut Feelings

– Written by Tayo Faloye.

So I had this voluminous research job to deliver for a client. It wasn’t long after we had relocated to another office. Our printing machines chose that period to go nutty. Taking them for repairs left me with no other choice than to buy another one.

To get the new one (tokunbo) too working in sync with other office systems became a drag. I exhausted all my ICT skills to get it printing to no avail. The machine driver would not allow it to connect and print even after downloading additional drivers from authentic sources. Time was fast spent. I had to deliver. Taking the document to a business centre to print was not a choice. It would have cost me much money. I called in a computer engineer to look at the printer and make it connect to our computers. His battle with it was unsuccessful. I brought in another young tech guy whose office is close to mine. It was an effort in futility too. I was getting worked up. I angrily called the shop where I bought it from and told them I was returning it the following week.

The next day, a Saturday, I was in the bathroom when I got a hunch. “Go to the office and tackle the problem again. You can do it”, the tiny voice instructed me.

“Today is Saturday biko. Besides, I don’t know if there would be power supply at the office. Will I be putting on the power generating set just to tackle the same problem we all couldn’t resolve over the week? I can’t be wasting fuel, abeg,” my ijebu self retorted at the whispering voice in my head.

“Just get going to the office now”, the voice said with a final note. I shrugged, finished my bathe, got dressed and headed for the office, reluctantly. On getting to my office vicinity, I could see there was power supply. I quickly said a small prayer asking God to send slumber to any NEPA official that may want to switch off electricity while I worked.

I settled down, all alone in the office, without opening for business and revved up the computers and printer. And the battle begun all over again. After connecting all the necessary connectible, reinstalling the driver and rebooting, kpakam, there was a connection from the ‘devices & printers’ panel. The green light with the tick sign miraculously showed up. I quickly opened a CV on a desktop and sent it to the machine for confirmation. As a copy slid out from it, I bursted into one of my old skool dance steps in excitement.

See, sometimes we all get hunches; some call it gut feeling, instinct or intuition. Our ability to listen and tap into it to our advantage matter a great deal. It’s that inner instinct that defies logic and creeps up when you least expect it, goading one to avoid an unpleasant situation or to make a right move. Perhaps, it’s the uncanny nature of the tiny voice which hardly makes any sense that propels some people to ignore it. I’m equally guilty of ignoring my intuition sometimes, but whenever I do follow its lead, I’m always left in awe at its accuracy. This is no time to bore you with stories of intuitive predictions and actions that have come to pass. Little wonder I came up as an INFJ, from the Myer-Briggs personality test I did many years ago, which stands for (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), and Judgment (J).

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You can learn to decipher and obey your intuition by first knowing they aren’t just any random thoughts like the millions that flow through our minds daily. They are also not spurred by emotions; they come in unpredictable manner and can appear when you least expect it. For an instance, you’re meeting someone for the first time and instinctively feel a sense of apathy, dislike or distrust for the person. In your gut, you’re certain something isn’t right but can’t place the feeling at the moment. It may come all adding up much later in the future.

It’s imperative to note that intuition may not always be right especially when triggered by emotions and thoughts. So, how do we learn to connect with our true intuition? Here are 5 steps to take…


Taking out time for meditation can help declutter the mind and keep it focused. When the mind is relaxed and free from turbulences, it finds space to process more important things and spark off the intuition. Set aside some time daily or how it suits you for solitude in a tranquil atmosphere to evoke your inner man.


To be mindful is to be observant of things around you. Streamline distractions and stay focused on the tangents. Be attentive to people and things around that may drain you off your enthusiasm, creativity, liveliness or drag you down and learn to avoid them. Develop a solution oriented mindset, then you can be in synergy with your intuition clearly.

“When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher.”


Listening to your gut feeling and acting on it is a vital skill that must be cultivated. When you obey your instincts, you are being in tune with nature. You’re releasing yourself to the universe and it can unleash a floodgate of opportunities and breakthroughs in areas of your interests, and help circumvent any impending dangers. Don’t overanalyze or over think its answers when they suddenly emerge like a lightening across the sky. Just act it.


Intuition normally hits us in a splash and goes off in a twinkle. It comes in a flash when the mind is void, like when it appeared while I was in the bathroom. It could be while driving or anytime. When you’re hit at such unexpected moments, ensure it doesn’t go by without noting or jotting it down and make sure to follow through. Never be caught unprepared at that crucial period.


Our dream is a cumulation of communication, information, learning, memories and everyday experiences during the day that the brain processes while we sleep. It’s, therefore, imperative to pay attention to dreams as they can be loaded with valuable and immeasurable insights on an issue or situation. Channelling your thoughts to any fuzzy issue and the solutions you can conjure before going to bed will propel the brain to work and produce unravelling results.

– Tayo Faloye

* Do you have more to share on the power of intuition and how it has helped you accomplish great things, kindly drop your experience in the comment box

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