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During the obstacle course at an Air Force base, one of the new recruits completed his training far ahead of his colleagues, feeling elated. He was immediately confronted by the drill sergeant, who demanded, “Where are all your buddies?”

“They are still back there, sir!” The new recruit replied. “I won” he added excitedly.

The sergeant barked, “The obstacle test isn’t about coming in first! It is about finishing! Everybody finishes or nobody wins. Go back and run it again, and this time help the guys who are struggling along the way!”

The new recruit came first quite alright, but rather than get commendation he got double drilling for being self-centered. This little lesson transformed the lone competitor obsessed with winning into an encourager whose goal is to help others and build teamwork.

LESSON: Life isn’t a rush, neither is it a stage for competition nor about getting praises for what we do. Remember: “A candle does not lose its value by lighting other candles.”

(JOHN 17: 1-19)

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