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GOOD NEWS: Al-Ameen Discharged from Hospital

DISCON (Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria) is happy to inform you all that Al-Ameen has been discharged from hospital on Tuesday, 4th December. We were reliably informed by the boy’s father, Mr. Shoneye.

Al-Ameen is the 3year old Sickle Cell boy who had a crisis that resulted in a stroke. Our NGO got a SOS message about the boy’s predicament precisely on the 16th October and the fortune his treatment would cost to have him administered blood transfusion and be placed in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We immediately rallied to support in our own little way and put up a fund raising campaign. Through the donations of kindhearted Nigerians on Social Media, DISCON was able to raise over N500,000 (half a million) for the boy’s cause.

For a 3year old to have gone through so much excruciating pains and a stroke and to have been on admission since October, we were elated to hear about his discharge from hospital. Hence, we deem it fit to bring you this good tiding and unfolding developments.

Though he’s still numb in the body, the pains have drastically reduced. He’s beginning to eat normal food and being fed with the use of a spoon now as against tubes. With the regular medical checkups and physiotherapy he’s currently undergoing after his discharge, we strongly believe God will perfect his health. He will recuperate fully to become great in life.

Once again, DISCON says a heartfelt thank you to all the donors that made Al-Ameen treatment possible.

More speedy recovery for you, Al-Ameen.

Don’t forget to keep him in your prayers.

To God be all the glory.


– Tayo Faloye

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