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Did you know in 2006, these two Coca-Cola employees tried to sell the secret formula of a new, yet-to-be-released Coca-Cola drink to Pepsi? They ended up in prison!

As high-ranking employees of Coca-Cola, Joya Williams, and Ibrahim Dimson had access to all the documents that detailed how to prepare the new Coca-Cola drink, and also a vial that contains all the chemicals to be used. Williams and Dimson then called Pepsi executives and offered to sell all the secrets for $1.5 million.

Unfortunately for Williams and Dimson, the Pepsi executives reported them to Coca-Cola and the FBI. The FBI then sent in undercover agents who pretended as Pepsi executives. Those FBI undercover agents lured Williams and Dimson with some portion of the $1.5 million they demanded, and made them deliver the documents and the vial that contains the chemical. Williams and Dimson had been caught red-handed!

The FBI brought the proof of payment, and the delivered secrets, to court as watertight evidence. In 2007, Williams got an eight-year prison term, and Dimson got a five-year prison term.

According to CNN, a Pepsi spokesman said: “We did what any responsible company would do. Competition can be fierce, but it must also be fair and legal.”

Now you know!

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