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APPRECIATION: Hearing Impairment Victims Rejoice At Receiving N2bn Worth Of Hearing Aids…

By Tayo Faloye
1 October, 2017

In fulfilment of the registration exercise in June, 2017, for the distribution of hearing aids to people living with hearing impairment in Nigeria, powered by the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation (OOF) in conjunction with Starkey Hearing Foundation, thousands of persons living with hearing impairment across Lagos state gathered on independence day at the Rowe Park Sport Centre, Yaba, to receive their hearing aids. The Lagos State distribution of aids to registrants takes place from 1st – 2nd, October, before the program moves to other states in Nigeria.

Read Phase 1 of the Hearing Project by OOF and Starkey from link below…

Yours sincerely, GRANDSCOPE Media, was there live once again to cover the proceedings. It was fun and smiles galore as recipients went through different stages of the exercise from registration, ear screening, otoscopy, hearing aid fittings to counseling.

With 75% of hearing loss victims living in sub-saharan Africa out of which about 2.8% resides in Nigeria (approximately seven million Nigerians), among the 250 million people who suffer various degrees of hearing loss globally, one of the greatest hindrances to seeking treatment to hearing problems is the high prices of hearing aids. Thus, Social Responsibility (SR) initiatives as this at making hearing aids more accessible or  more affordable, is one major step in the right direction.

Being able to communicate effectively in the workforce is crucial for the majority of jobs, and hearing is a essential component to achieving it. Not being able to interact effectively with co-workers can cause a person with hearing loss to make more mistakes, be less productive which ultimately leads to lower salaries, missed opportunities (promotions, wages, etc.) and under or unemployment. What is also evident on the job is the overall psychological burden of hearing loss i.e. isolation, anxiety, prejudices, low self-esteem, etc in a hearing impaired person’s professional life. Therefore, this initiative will help stem the level of unemployment, discrimination and other associated effects against hearing impairment victims.

That said, on behalf of People living with Hearing Impairment and myself, I say a big thank you to the organizations and people behind them who have made this happen. We cannot feign ignorance of the value of this capital intensive project to lives and career of hearing loss sufferers in Nigeria.

Thank you OOF (Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation).

Thank you Starkey Foundation, USA.

God bless.

– Tayo Faloye

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