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Magun (Thunderbolt): Fact or Fiction?

– By Tayo Faloye.

This small family lived in the rear of a duplex known as the Boys Quarters, which was three houses away from ours on the street (close) in the 80’s. Husband and wife had come visiting our mother early one morning to narrate what they both saw in the middle of the night. The wife had woken up to visit the toilet. Looking up, she had beheld a not too tall woman adorning an Iro & Buba with a Gele for headtie (Yoruba attire) standing transfixed with an eerie glow on the balcony upstairs directly behind the room that was for us as boys. With the surreal experience, she had sneaked back inside, woke her husband and both peeped through the window at the woman standing all alone at the balcony while everyone slept, until she was later seen no more.

Listening to their narration, Mumsy felt it may be the spirit of her own mother (our grandmother), who had passed on, I guess not too long before the incident, that could be mounting a protective guard, because the description and dress pattern fitted her style while alive. This was during the early times of Festac Town after its launch when there were no fenced compounds. The revelation of that strange balcony appearance many years ago relayed by Mumsy (RIP) still confounds till date anytime I recall it. Were the couple hallucinating?

I do not and have never doubted there’s a world outside ours; a universe full of mystics and mysteries that defy science, religion and logic. Mysteries that are made manifest to man but in incomprehensible ways. They are unfathomably hollow as the abyss and make a mess of common sense. Isn’t it why they’re called mysteries anyway? The scripture also is confirmatory of this phenomenon.

That said, it still will be foolhardy to believe every unexplainable event fall into that phenomenal category. One of such i still do not or yet to come to terms with is the Magun (Thunderbolt) narrative. Some of these stuffs were simply derived from folklores and fables (Fabu, in Yoruba) and passed down orally over the years adapting different translations to have become cultural myths and superstitions some hold on to till date. They’re are stuck with them like conjoined twins.

It’s why anyone and everyone who believe in Magun has never witnessed it happen or seen someone struck by it but only harp on it through hearsay. And, in trying to use boldface to sway, all they’ve kept saying is: “go to so so place or town in blablabla state…” Okay, give the direction to the place and a contact person to interrogate and another epistle starts. They’ve failed over time to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. As earlier stated, mysteries manifest but leave observers inexplicably confounded. This has never been so with the Magun stories.

Reason I turned a blind eye to the recent online buzz about a herbalist succumbing to the alleged efficacy of Thunderbolt in a sex romp with a cleric’s wife. Having made a Facebook post a few years back challenging same Magun theory and almost got overran by contrarians who saw me as deluded, I decided overlooking it to avoid unnecessary arguments as the bland narrative gained traction and went viral.

Fact is, many of the cases of duos getting glued during sex have been as a result of Penis Captivus, and the men that had slumped were due to heart related problems, sometimes triggered by consumption of aphrodisiacs (sex enhancement drugs). Sex position, diabetes, ageing, etc are other known risk factors that could lead to death during romps.

Till date, we are yet to see anybody say with chest out that they with their ‘korokoro’ eyes saw a Magun incident transpire where someone crowed like a cock, somersaulted repeatedly or consumed gallons of water, let alone tell of the exact location or mention other witnesses. Until it occurs that disbelievers like myself are provided with verifiable facts corroborated by eyewitnesses, Magun will remain only but a figment of their imagination and a folktale myth.

– Tayo Faloye wrote it.

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