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Movie Review: JAGUN JAGUN

Having read some uninspiring reviews of Jagun Jagun, I went ahead watching it with a mindset of searching for the said flaws. But none could I find. It was a time well spent relishing it. Can’t fathom the rationale behind the low rating from some quarters, infinitesimal though. Is the trajectory of the Nigeria Film Industry, Nollywood, on the descent or ascent, taking into consideration where it was and is currently? Answering that question sincerely solves it.Intriguing isn’t suffice to describe the movie. Who could ever have thought Gbotija would end up killing his benefactor, the dreaded Gbogunmi? Or, did anyone in their wildest imagination foresaw Kitan, the non-biological daughter of Ogundiji, as the menacing Agemo? Those are some impressive plot swerves.Jagun Jagun is a blockbuster movie with a captivating storyline and an enthralling plot twist that speaks to the treachery of political top brass, encapsulated in a Yoruba traditional setting. It brings to spotlight elites who keep their children safely tucked away in distant lands but engage commoners as tools for their power quest, employing the ‘divide & rule’ strategy, which ultimately leaves their mindless supporters as the collateral damage. They are most times not spared from the wrath of karma too.Go watch it. Nothing more to say than THUMBS UP to Femi Adebayo, the cast and crew of Jagun Jagun.- Tayo Faloye

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