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Preventing Sickle Cell Pain Build-Up

Woke up to some cracklings and discomforting frictions in my hips and thighs. I could feel a crisis trying to rear its ugly head. The experience isn’t new. It’s been raining for days. Today’s is a bit intensified. Change in weather is one of the triggers for Sickle Cell Crisis. …

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SCAP: World Sickle Cell Day, 2021

The SCAP (Sickle Cell Awareness Project) by DISCON (Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria) held as planned yesterday, 19th June, at it office in Festac Town, Lagos State, to commemorate World Sickle Cell Day. In attendance were some shortlisted Warriors to receive their handout packs consisting of Routine Drugs, …

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Sickle Cell Awareness Prizes & Gifts

In commemoration of World Sickle Cell Day, 2021, DISCON (Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria) will be giving out Free Routine Drugs, Branded Awareness T-shirts and Books by Dr. David Owoeye (A Life with Sickle Cell Anaemia) in drawing the curtains on the maiden edition of our programme, SCAP …

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SCAP: Sickle Cell Short Story Contest

This maiden edition of the SCAP (Sickle Cell Awareness Project) by DISCON (Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria), an annual skills exposition event and awareness campaign, is a Short Story writing competition open to SCD warriors across the country, Nigeria. The Theme is Open. WHY PARTICIPATE? The SCAP is …

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