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What’s in it for Hilda, the Cook-a-athon Queen?

For those asking what’s in it for Hilda Baci for putting in 100 hours cooking time to shatter an old record since Guinness world record is devoid of monetary prizes? Let me quickly explain this in the simplest and shortest way.

Aside receiving the official complimentary Guinness record holder certificate in due course, which would state the details of the record, the achievement will accord her a lifetime of Recognition and Fame to unlock many windows of opportunities. She will be overwhelmed with gifts in cash/kind. Endorsements deals, speaking engagements, honorary titles, mentorship roles and many more will be on her trail. Her name is already positively embedded in many hearts and would ring a bell at the mention to open valuable doors for her.

As a foodpreneur and CEO of “My Food by Hilda”, her business was relatively unknown prior to the record breaking project. With this conquest, her business brand has already become a cynosure of attention. What more in publicity and brand awareness would an entrepreneur crave? The enriching ripple effect will be manifest in the near future.

As I write this, she has been offered a plot of land with Zylus Properties, a 6 Months Free Flights from Fly Value Jet and many more to come. And, wait for the politicians to begin compete on gifts to outdo themselves over her.

Don’t forget we are talking about a pretty, endowed, curvy 27 year old lady here with a smashing body and an exceptional culinary skills. Isn’t she irresistible in an era inundated by a plethora of unskilled peers in body embellishments and whoredom frenzy?

Hilda, the Amazon, has blown!

– Tayo Faloye

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