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– By Tayo Faloye, April 9, 2019.

I got back from the office yesterday evening to meet power supply. It was like a strange occurrence. I dashed into my wardrobe and tore out some shirts for quick ironing before some itchy fingers at NEPA switches it off again. They had been flashing supply intermittently like a Christmas light for about a month now. It never went beyond 5minutes. The darkness had been palpable. I actually thought there was a fault somewhere.

Then, the wife saw my haste while ironing and said: “don’t bother rushing. The light will be on for awhile.”

“How can you be so sure?” I asked.

She then reeled out the information she gathered when she went to pick the kids from school…

On Saturday, residents had mobilized to the outlet of the IKEDC that serves the community for a showdown. Awon boys were fiery and it almost degenerated into violence. At the verge of being manhandled, some officials panicked, begged and let ‘the elephant out of the bag.’

They alleged that about 5 – 6 Filling Station owners around the axis had mounted pressure on them to cut power distribution to the area so they could sell their PMS products faster. The IPM (independent petroleum marketers) gave kickbacks to some head hunchos at the PHCN office.

I was dumbfounded at the revelation. It’s still hard processing the info. Can we see the height people go at profit making, while subjecting others to pain – Man’s inhumanity to man?

To reinforce the story, power supply was on till 9pm from around 3pm they gave it yesterday. They restored it at around 1am and it’s been on all through the night till this morning. It’s still on as I prepare to set out for the day’s hustle.

Nothing will give me more joy than having the licences of these Discos revoked or unrenewed by govt to open up the sector for more competent hands.

I’m at a loss for words on the impunity going on in Nigeria.

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