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BIG BOOT: The Awo Sculpture


Following the furor over the Obafemi Awolowo sculpture with a big boot at Ikeja, personally and honestly, I don’t see what the fuss is about with this piece of work. To me, the boots are symbolic. It could be the sculptor’s way of expressing that Awo left a shoe too big to be worn by any other politician. You can’t box creativity. They need know the mind of the sculptor. He didn’t just create a big boot for nothing. It may be symbolic or depicts something.S

Sculptures like paintings are art work. At exhibitions, you need the artists to interpret certain paintings and their encoded message or meaning. This isn’t different.

If I created something like this and made one eye to be red, maybe because the person was known to be fiery in temper, to a layman it may look like an Apollo eye or something else unless I explain the symbolism behind it.

It’s simple.

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