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Learn Marketing (Digital & Conventional)

By Tayo Faloye. Sometime late last year, 2022, a hood brother did a post which resonated with me. It was about skill acquisition and I went there to drop a comment. Another buddy, who formerly lived in the hood, replied to my comment affirming what i had written and attested …

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By: Tayo Faloye Getting into this topic is like stepping into a field laden with land mines. It’s a volatile arena but has become inevitable. The more I sidestepped the more it surfaced. Hence, I will un-tape my sealed lips to drop my neutral view on it without minding whose …

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Shortfall of Silence Amidst Falsehoods

– By Tayo Faloye. Written: April 19, 2020. He blocked me on Facebook after we had a spat. He had called me a liar amidst a barrage of attacks over a post I made and he got hit below the belt in return. He scampered away. It was during PMB’s …

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