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Consolidating Career with Communication

Hello, I’m Tayo Faloye, a Business Communication Strategist and I have an interesting book on Career & Communication to introduce to you all. Before I go further, let me first set the record straight. I’m not a Human Resources Executive and the idea of writing this book is not from …

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Movie Review: JAGUN JAGUN

Having read some uninspiring reviews of Jagun Jagun, I went ahead watching it with a mindset of searching for the said flaws. But none could I find. It was a time well spent relishing it. Can’t fathom the rationale behind the low rating from some quarters, infinitesimal though. Is the …

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There’s no industry standard on price for players in football transfer. Any club wishing to avoid a price competition must be ready to pay the transfer fee or trigger the release clause. Value is the focus. Going forth and back wasting time haggling and employing PINCH-BIDDING especially for an exceptional …

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