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Movie Review: JAGUN JAGUN

Having read some uninspiring reviews of Jagun Jagun, I went ahead watching it with a mindset of searching for the said flaws. But none could I find. It was a time well spent relishing it. Can’t fathom the rationale behind the low rating from some quarters, infinitesimal though. Is the …

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There’s no industry standard on price for players in football transfer. Any club wishing to avoid a price competition must be ready to pay the transfer fee or trigger the release clause. Value is the focus. Going forth and back wasting time haggling and employing PINCH-BIDDING especially for an exceptional …

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Affordable Choice Lands at Epe – Lagos

If you are ready to embark on a fulfilling journey of Property Ownership, then look no farther! At GRANDSCOPE Properties, we are excited to present you incredible opportunities to acquire choice lands and buildings (residential and commercial) with impressive Returns on Investment over time. Kindly peruse the list of 7 …

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