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BE EMPOWERED: Boost and Achieve Your Career Dreams in the GRANDSCOPE Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES!)…



lThe Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) is a project packaged specifically for youths within the environs of operation of GRANDSCOPE, which is Amuwo Odofin. Youths constitute a major part of the increasing population of our country. However, a great number of these youths are school leavers seeking admission into higher institutions of learning and graduates looking for employment.  
lTherefore, the “YES” is designed to make computer education and other vocational training accessible to these youths at little or no cost in order to help manage their unoccupied periods, give them a competitive edge in the marketplace, enhance their productivity and efficiency in their respective careers and prospective workplaces. 
lWith the successful completion of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th phases of the “YES” between 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively, producing over 56 highly competent ICT graduates, the stage is set for the 5th phase of the scheme, 2013.lThe st phase of “YES” is planned to commence on mid July, 2013 – September, 2013.

lTo spread computer literacy and improve capacity building among youths.
lTo prepare youths for the entrepreneurial world after completion of their secondary education.
lTo boost the relevance of unemployed Tertiary graduates who are in the labour market.
lTo enhance youths chances of getting gainful employment, at and when due, and be of support to their parents.
lTo get youths busy through vocational training thereby moving them away from social ills and vices.
lTo discover inherent IT talents in some of these youths and channel their passion towards that direction as a career.
lTo use this programme in assisting the less privileged amongst these youths, whose parents may not be able to afford to give them education.



The Scheme is targeted at youths from 18 – 27. They are:
High School leavers
University Graduates
Unemployed Youths
Less Privileged
Expected No.: 80 Candidates
1. Desktop Publishing
2. Intro to Engineering
3. Peachtree Accounting
4. Web Building/ Design
5. Make-up Artistry
6. Venue Decoration
7. Event Management
8. Entrepreneurship, etc.

lThe YES is open to all youths who fall under the targeted audience and must be resident of the Amuwo Odofin L.G area.
lThe duration of the programme is 6weeks.
lFor participation, registration forms will be issued to interested youths, which should be filled appropriately and returned as an indication of willingness and interest.
lYES Programme, 2013  will take place at the GRANDSCOPE Academy for ICT Training and at our collaborators Centre, for other vocational courses.
lRegistered youths will write a short exam to qualify for the programme (optional).
lQualified youths will be grouped into different lecture periods and batches.  
Classes are scheduled to commence on 15th July, 2013,
lCompletion of the Empowerment programme will lead to the issuance of a Certificate of YES Participation. 
SPONSOR A YOUTH (and change a life forever):
Interested adults, parents, guardian, teachers and any well-meaning persons can sponsor one or more youths, other than their own children, for this programme.
Some parents may be willing to enrol their child(ren) but may not have this meager fee. There are also bright underprivileged youths whose career prospects and hopes may be boosted by being registered for this programme. Touch a Life.
We have the “Sponsor a Youth” Category for Individuals
and the “Corporate Sponsorship” for Organizations.
 And, in pursuance of our unrivalled customer-oriented approach which sets us apart from the crowd, we have packaged a range of benefits for both sponsorship categories. More details available on request.
For more enquiries / more information on the YES programme, contact us via GRANDSCOPE EMail: info.grandscope@gmail.com or send us a message through this blog’s contact form on www.grandscopemedia.com.
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