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Sickle Cell: Crowd Funding Appeal for SCRAAP


October 2018, Disability & Sickle Cell Organization of Nigeria (DISCON) got a distress message from a distraught parent in dire financial need to save his 3-year-old Sickle Cell Baby, Al-Ameen, who was paralyzed from a Stroke as a result of Sickle Cell crisis and lying critically at the Federal Medical Clinic (FMC) Idi Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State. He was acting on a referral to us.

We immediately rallied to support in our own little way and put out a fund raising campaign. No baby deserves to go through such excruciating pains as a result of Sickle Cell. And, through the donations of kindhearted Nigerians, DISCON was able to raise over N500,000 (half a million) for the boy’s cause.

With the funds, Al-Ameen was not only immediately transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for blood transfusion, DISCON also ensured his health situation was well monitored and managed by the best medical hands available.

In December, DISCON received the good news from the boy’s father that he had been discharged from hospital as his condition had largely improved, while physiotherapy continued on him afterwards.

This is the most current intervention among others where God has used DISCON to meet its purpose of saving lives of Sickle Cell sufferers and raising awareness to the scourge across Nigeria.

There are many like this baby boy and adults alike who are suffering in obscurity from the debilitating effects of Sickle Cell Disorder in Nigeria especially Rural Areas, and in dire need of interventions. Due to low literacy level in rural areas, the breeding culture of SCD babies is alarming. Hence, DISCON plans taking SCD campaigns to these areas on a regular basis through its programme: “SCRAAP” (Sickle Cell Rural Areas Awareness Project). It will entail effective awareness on Sickle Cell, healthcare management, drugs dispensations, genotype screening, bed nets and assistive devices distribution, etc.

We are, therefore, seeking funding through your generous donations & contributions to make this project not only a reality but a success as well. Nothing is too small to impart a life. Donations starts from ONE THOUSAND NAIRA (1K4Sickle), an initiation of @Donate-ng.
You can use the link to contribute to our cause: https://donate-ng.com/campaign/sickle-cell-rural-areas-awareness-project-scraap


Our Bank Account:
United Bank for Africa Plc.

For Support, Sponsorship or as a Volunteer, contact us at:
08086069226 – WhatsApp

Together, we can achieve SCRAAP!

Thank You.
Disability & Sickle Cell
Organization of Nigeria.

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