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Profligacy or Frugality? Choose one

Written By: Tayo Faloye.

Anyone can choose to show off acquisitions or spend his/her money the way it pleases them. As long as they have not been fingered in anything illicit or criminal, preferred lifestyle is an individual choice. Nobody deserves to be dehumanized for flamboyantly expressing themselves and their freedom. It’s a fundamental right. No permission is needed for expression.

Also, leading a frugal lifestyle isn’t necessarily about poverty or denying oneself the goodies of life. It’s simply shrewdly and judiciously utilizing resources in the now in a way to make life easier and stem anxiety tomorrow. This is where many get it twisted by equating lavishness with quality of life or happiness. They’ve no proven correlation whatsoever. Frugal folks should never be treated with contempt but respect for their individuality.

Both ways of life are personal prerogatives.

However, knowing most of the richest people across the world are incredibly frugal, outrageous exhibition of opulence tend to raise eyebrows. It calls into question by reasonable individuals how such abundance was acquired. This is in order. Questioning sources of wealth points more to values than envy, as held by some.

Genuine entrepreneurship/business and profligacy are parallel lines. They don’t meet. No one grows in business organically and plays to the gallery with a flair. It isn’t farfetched why profligacy arouses suspicion and attracts scorn, sometimes. An average man believes such conducts mostly emanate from illicitly acquired wealth, a benevolent spirit cracking the palm-kernels behind the scene or from the malfeasances of politics.

Unfortunately, this is what we have come to adore as a people. And, why we have quite a good number of ‘persons of means’ with no stories of exponential growth aside crass display of materialism. Yet, they rack up more followers and adulations than their contemporaries with true humble and noble beginnings. They are mentors, role models and champions to a woke horde that accord respect according to material possession and ostentatious living. It’s the story of our reality today.

Nevertheless, it may be hypocritical to outrightly condemn anyone engaged in any seeming immodest displays, knowing certainly there are exceptions to every norm. But, even at that, gross display of wealth, mainly stemmed from a lack propriety, is a turn off to conscientious folks, and as such can seldom be found in the acts of great men in the annals of history.

True wealth announces itself without fanfare. Vainglory employs the town crier. Learn to distinguish both and know peace.

© Tayo Faloye

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