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Opportunities Abound Around

By Tayo Faloye.

A young, dark, rotund dude sauntered into my office awhile back. He wanted some Business Communication & Registration Services for his handiwork. He reeked of confidence and didn’t haggle over price as I explained the processes and fees to him.

Then I told him he didn’t seem Nigerian. “I’M A GHANIAN,” he responded. It didn’t come as a surprise having heard and read countless of stories of artisans from neighbouring countries dominating sections of the Nigeria’s building and construction industry.

What does this my customer do? SOAK-AWAY; the refined one called Bio-Sewage. These are the types of jobs many of our own youths find demeaning and will rather not touch with a long pole but are ever eager to disparage Nigeria as a failed country. Then, the desperation to relocate abroad sets in.

The customer paid and left. It took him a couple of days to return to the office to see the professional job we were doing for him, because his hands were filled with jobs as his services are demanded across the state, with a hoard of men working for him. He has a clear vision and doing well to activate it despite being from Ghana.

So, each time I read our own people make Nigeria appear like a barren land with no opportunities, I develop goosebumps. The same land other nationals are rushing into to take advantage of the vast underutilised business fields? Aren’t they making a fortune here as Government is doing its bit to make the business environs enabling? What bits are you doing for yourself or what needs are you meeting? Just like we have people making legitimate wealth in this country, we also have people who have travelled abroad but struggling financially.

I have said it times without number that no job is beneath me as long as it’s legit, it can pay my bills to meet family needs, in addition to my health and hidden disability permitting me to do it. You cannot want the essential good things of life while being complacent and without wanting to get your hands dirty.

Open your eyes to behold opportunities around you. They abound. And, roll up your sleeves to plough the ground. You will be better off proffering solutions than that penchant for wailing and cynicism about your country.

There’s dignity in labour.

A Yoruba adage says: “Owo igbe kin run.” (Money gotten from sh*t work does not smell like sh*t).

I have said my own.

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