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(The Adventures of a Warrior)

By Tayo Faloye, June 20, 2021

So, I hesitantly attended a funeral party hosted by a neighbour bidding his father his last respect and farewell. I was dead tired from the Sickle Cell day outings when I got home but still managed to refreshen, had a change of cloth and dragged myself down to the venue.

I was ushered to a canopy that had a few members of the community seated. We were placed close to one of the speakers that filtered music loudly but at the right decibels though. Despite not wearing my hearing aid, i got the vibes clearly. Descended on my food when it was served but passed my meat to a young guy from the neighbourhood. From my body language, I suspected I may drift into a crisis if I ate the sumptuous looking and enticing cow beef. I avoid acidic meals.

Slowly, the music from the performing band started sifting in and hitting home, leaving me with no choice than to shake and swirl rhythmically to the beats on my chair. The mixes from different tracks of Yoruba artistes were something else. Then it got to this timeless song…

“Eyo o
Ara’le eyo o
Eyo o
Ara’le eyo o
Eyo baba t’awa
Ti nfi goolu sere
Awa o ni san wo onibode

As the rendition wafted through the evening air in a melodious girating gbedu, I lost it. Got instantly on my feet and dug to it, dishing out old skool steps as a neighbour chuckled in astonishment. She had never seen me so carefree. I was really in my element. “An old woman is never old when it comes to the dance she knows well.” I guess I made some heads turn too since I wasn’t in the Aso-ebi fabric (not being a fan of that social norm) but just a shirt and trousers.

Back on my seat after the song changed, it dawned on me I wasn’t catching as much fun as I should. Everything has been about the home, work, ideas conceptualizations, the next project and so on all in a bid to make ends meet and provide for the family, without forgetting impacting humanity.

Shebi dem say all work and no play makes lagbaja a dull man. Nna, I wan begin rock and groove o before man go kpai as long as hunger no set in. Life is meant for the Living. I shall pass through here but once.

Next, I’m looking to attend an old skool English gbedu with old skool music mainly churned from the wheel of steel. If you have any oncoming party, don’t hesitate to invite this caveman. Let me come and razzmatazz you with my dance steps.


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