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HORRIFIC: Female Ritualist Caught With Corpse Of A 3-Year-Old Boy at Mile Two




A woman woman believed to be insane, was caught in possession of a dead kid at Mile-Two, on Oshodi/Apapa freeway, Lagos on Sunday.She was caught by a policeman with a body of a young boy on the Mile 2 bridge near Festac.
According to reports, the officer became suspicious of the woman and asked her to empty the “Ghana-Must-Go” bag. it absolutely was gathered that some fetish materials were found inside the bag also as a body of a young boy.

Though the woman, whom gave her name as Florence, claimed that the dead kid was hers, angry mob stated she might have abducted and killed the kid for cash ritual.
Though news making the round earlier had it that the child’s eyes were plucked, Vanguard reports that the eyeballs were solely popped.
Information gathered discovered that the woman had been seen within the enviroment with the kid strapped at her back for 3 days.

An observer said: “One man in a commercial bus alerted them yesterday that the kid strapped at her back was lifeless. This attracted some curious passengers of commercial buses that were caught during this endless traffic jam. One of the passengers went near the woman and shook the baby. Before you knew it, individuals had gathered round the woman, desperate to set her ablaze. For the timely arrival of policemen attached to the rapid Response Squad, she would have been dead by now.”

Defending herself, the woman confessed “I am from Umo in Kwale region of Delta State. I was born in Lagos and have have 3 children. Nothing is wrong with me. This kid (pointing to the dead child) is my son. He is the last of my 3 children. I actually have a boy and a girl who live in the village. His name is Chidi and he’s 5 years now.

“He has been terribly sick. In fact, he had fever and required transfusion however I couldn’t afford the cash for it. He died 3 days back. Before he died, we needed to travel back to the village. My husband stays in Port Harcourt. I don’t have any relative in Lagos. i used to be living underneath a stairway in one of the retailers place in Alaba market. A security man allowed my son and that i to sleep there at nighttime. I didn’t steal any baby neither did I kill any kid.

“I was carrying Chidi on my back since he died, just for people to assemble around me this morning and began beating me. What have I done to get this sort of beating? If not for these policemen, they’d have overwhelmed me to death.” she explained.

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