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DAVIDO’s PROSTRATE TO TUFACE: Respect or Damage Control?

Davido’s recent greeting of Tuface Idibia by prostrating to him as a sign of respect at his 30 Billion concert which held at the Eko Hotels had tongues wagging. Was it out of order for him to show respect?
What those critics of Davido’s gesture fail to recognize is that Tuface was already running on the stairs of stardom over a decade ago when Davido was probably still riding bicycles on the streets as a teen. This is without the mention of the age difference of about 15 years between them.

Prostrating to pay obeisance to elders is a Yoruba tradition. Davido, David Adedeji Adeleke, is Yoruba and Yoruba people take their culture of respect very seriously. Males prostrate to greet their elders, while the females greet by kneeling on two knees.

However, it remains a tough call to know if Davido would had prostrated to Tuface beyond the stage and paraphernalia of the paparazzi and media. Showing Respect isn’t all about prostrating and is not limited to the Yorubas or new in the entertainment/ show business. Respect could also be shown by a bow of the head, offering two hands for a handshake, through pronouncements and other means.

Or, perhaps, Davido did so as a damage control having been widely reputed as an arrogant and disrespectful spoilt brat? Maybe a gesture like that would help change that perception among those who hold him in disdain for his arrogance? After all, Wizkid, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, got applauded for once prostrating to King Sunny Ade on stage too.

Anyway, it would be ludicrous trying to ascertain the motive behind Davido’s public show of respect to Tuface but one thing is certain: Tuface deserves what he got as an epitome of humility himself.

In furtherance of the topic as a Facebook post, to add to the discourse, ODOLAYE AREMU gave some insights into the culture of respect among musicians…

“It is a lifelong tradition of Nigerian performers to do; either to boost their fanbase or to poach from their rivals bases too. Whatever their reasons, it is a good marketing gimmick. Also a symbolic gesture of passing the generational torch too. I remember Dele Abiodun did same for Sunny when the duo met at the monthlong ‘TV 20’ anniversary at Ibadan in 1979. And KSA did same for Baba Sala, same year too. KSA kissed the hands of Sir Shina Peters in 1977 during Shina’s stint with his then Superstars International Band of Sir Shina Adewale. Wasiu did same with SAB too. And on the pop scene, Micheal Jackson paid his respect to James Brown. Even Prince too. Most recently Wizkid floored himself before KSA. There is no easier way to crossover and steal the hearts of senior fans than to make them believe you are such a class act, for showing respect for one of their own generation’s idol.”

Another commenter, ITORO USORO, opined…

“It’s tradition in Music culture and mostly for any mentor. Last year Nicki Minaj met Lauryn Hill and bowed before her. A Music god who paved way for most female rap acts of this generation.”

To sum it all up, musicians must endeavor to build good relationship through respect and appreciation of one another for better leverage. Arrogance destroys relationships. Respect fosters harmony and promotes collaboration. Collaborating with other musicians is highly beneficial for musicians. It can open up new ideas, contract and create exposure to a wider audience through other musicians’ fan bases or shows. Another salient point is that collaboration can help rejuvenate a musician’s flagging career.

Mutual respect makes working with others a seamless affair. Therefore, there is no better way to command respect in all aspects of life than to give it.

– By Tayo Faloye

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